Sunday, May 7, 2023

Let Me Re-Introduce Myself...

I am Heather Morse Alexander.

Wife, mom of three, nana of two boys, with another boy due in December, disciple of Jesus, encourager, writer, artist, bookworm, vintage photo hoarder, flea market enthusiast, gardener, baker, plant lover, antique shop peruser, coffee drinker, and beachcomber. 

I've recently combined four of my favorite things: Encouraging, writing, art and vintage photos. They all combined into what I like to call The Encouragement Project.

So far, I've produced two (en)courage(ment) books. 

This one is a general encouragement book for everyone because we all need encouragement. Am I right?

This one is for new moms...or moms of littles. Moms probably need encouragement the most!

I have also written a middle-grade novel that I am currently in the process of querying. I love the creativity and work of writing a book, but querying makes me shrink like a wool sweater in the dryer. I am determined to do it, though. (Prayers appreciated!)

Two topics that I'm incredibly interested in writing about on this blog are motherhood and grandparenting. I love both so much, and now that I am a Nana, I am seeing mothering from a completely different angle, and it is amazing and enlightening. Stay tuned for posts about that.

I hope you enjoy what you find here.  Welcome!

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