Thursday, September 3, 2020


I recently read a biography of Susanna Wesley, the mother of Methodism. (7 Women by Eric Metaxas)
I learned a lot about her.
Her husband was a loser.
Nine of her children died.
She lived in poverty.
Her house burned down...twice.

Life was not easy for Susanna Wesley.
But she focussed on the education of her children.
She made it her life's work to teach them about the Lord
Susanna Wesley knew the sacred importance of motherhood.

Her son, John, founded the Methodist movement, leading to a world-changing revival. The abolition of the slave trade, child labor in England, laws against cruelty to animals, caring for the poor, and many hymns we still sing today, can be directly credited to her children--and to her faithfulness in mothering them.

The author ends the story of her life this way:
    "Anyone believing that the life of a woman dedicated to her family must be less than optimal cannot know the story of Susanna Wesley. Despite poverty, illness, a difficult marriage, and heartbreak in endless forms, she used her intellect, creativity, time, energies, and will in such a way that can hardly be reckoned. The world in which we live owes much of the goodness in it to her life."

This biography encouraged my heart as a stay-at-home mom.
Susanna Wesley's life is an example of mothering through the trenches with a focus on the eternal.
Though imperfectly mothered, her children understood the grace she grasped with both hands.
Through adversity, she trusted God and wasted no opportunity to share her faith with her children.

So moms, be encouraged.
As you struggle through yet another challenging day,
Or wonder if you're missing an opportunity to do something more,
Or feel as if you've already failed,
Or wonder if all of your efforts will be worth the sacrifice...
Fear not.
You are doing important work.
THE most important work.

Psalm 127:3
Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from Him.


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