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Wake-Up Call

Note: I originally wrote this post four years ago. It is even more relevant today. Who could have known the turns our country has taken in the last four years?  We have yet another wake-up call...will we answer? 
I’ve been very passionate about the election. I’ve had strong opinions about the candidates—and my opinions have changed and re-changed as accusations and videos and emails have dropped like so many bricks. I’ve been upset and anxious and…I hate to admit, faithless.   Until recently.  At some point in the past couple of weeks I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to let it go. I woke in the night and prayed…night after night. And peace has covered my anxious heart. Peace and a humbling conviction. The words that come to mind as I pray are… Be bold. As I’ve pondered and sought answers I’ve discovered that we are in this predicament due to our own complacency.   We dropped the ball. We shrugged our shoulders at depravity. We winked at sin. We have listened to false teaching. We have looked upon u…

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