Friday, May 26, 2023

Sourdough Motherhood

I've recently noticed the similarities between baking sourdough bread and motherhood.

Both require a slow, careful process.

In the throes of motherhood, a tantrum can send us off a cliff of overreaction. Schedules can rob a mom of patience. Exhaustion will shorten a temper in no time flat. All of those things (and more) suck the joy out of motherhood and pile on guilt.

And that brings me to the art of sourdough bread.

I tried making sourdough bread 1,532 times before I was successful. 

I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it (just like a 2-year-old...or a tired mama). 

But sourdough is a process. A two-day, slow, tender test of patience to produce a beautiful brown, chewy loaf of goodness. A successful loaf is always worth the time and attention it requires.

I failed 1,532 times because I rushed. I reacted. I was distracted. I didn't plan ahead. 

Mothering little ones takes the same kind of care.

Planning, preparation, tenderness, patience. 

"I don't have time for that!" 

Sloooow dooooown.

I finally wanted to succeed enough that I decided to take a breath and take it slow and plan for sourdough bread. With so many steps in the process, one must be disciplined (I don't like that word). But I realized another thing in the process...I enjoy watching and feeling what happens to a dough ball as the starter worked its' magic. It's interesting. It's satisfying. It's rewarding. The result was amazing. SO worth the time and attention. 

The same can be said of slowing down and paying attention to mothering. Listening to the little voices constantly seeking your attention, stopping what you're doing to watch the wonderful thing they can do, noticing how your slower reactions change the dynamic and encourage softness in them. 

Rushing through the sourdough process produced hard and heavy loaves. Rushing through motherhood produces hard, heavy days.

I made that loaf in the picture. You'll notice that it's not the most beautiful loaf you've ever seen. That's okay. Perfection is a myth. We're all doing our best around here.

I didn't mother my kids perfectly, either. No one can. But we can always keep learning and trying and working to do better.

So be encouraged, mama. Allow yourself more time. 

Cut some things out of the schedule (just do it). 

Remove distractions (that phone). 

Take a breath. 

Slow down. 

Pay attention to the process and enjoy the sweet, warm goodness of sourdough motherhood.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Happy Mother's Day!


This is my mom....and me and my siblings.

She's smiling, but I'll bet she's exhausted. Three kids aged 5 years and under. This photo represents some of the hardest years of mothering.

I had three kids aged five years and under too. First I had boy/girl twins, then 5 years later another daughter. I love, love, loved being a mom of littles, but there were many moments when I lost my joy...all the joy of motherhood. Oooooh, honesty there.

Can I be more honest with you? That's normal. I felt overwhelmed. I felt like I couldn't stand another minute of seemingly senseless tears and tantrums. I wanted to turn in my Mom card and sit on a beach anywhere but where I was at that moment. 

Let me repeat. That's normal.

Since becoming a Nana, I've grown to understand a lot about those years. In the coming posts, I'll share those things with you. 

But now, with Mother's Day a couple of days away, I want to encourage you with this:

You can do it. You are a good mom. A perfect mom? Nope. No one is. Look away from social media and accept that you are exactly who God picked for your kids. You are the perfect mom for them. No one else, no matter if they fix fancy snacks, or keep their laundry washed, or have a clean car, or if their kid's hair is styled one else can do for your kids what you can, and no one else knows what they need as completely as you do. Rest in that this weekend. You are enough for them. 

And they love you.

You are doing good, important work and growing right along with your kids.

These images are from my (en)courage(ment) book for moms.

More encouragement coming soon...

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to all the moms out there.

I see you!

Monday, May 8, 2023

Summer's Coming!


Summer is coming!

You know what that means, mamas.

It means the kids will be home, forgetting all they learned in school. But you can help by encouraging them to write.

Or maybe you homeschool and need some fresh writing prompts to inspire your kids.

I can help! I created a writing prompt book just for kids ages 6-12. It's full of fun prompts to keep your kids writing during the sultry days of summer.

If you want a book you can hold in your hands, you can find it here.

If you want an instant download, a pdf, you can find that here.

Moms have reported to me that their kids love the prompts and have fun using them. They are wholesome, with some prompts that are faith-based and no hint of current social issues. 

Get yours today!

**Use coupon code THANKYOU to save 10%**

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Let Me Re-Introduce Myself...

I am Heather Morse Alexander.

Wife, mom of three, nana of two boys, with another boy due in December, disciple of Jesus, encourager, writer, artist, bookworm, vintage photo hoarder, flea market enthusiast, gardener, baker, plant lover, antique shop peruser, coffee drinker, and beachcomber. 

I've recently combined four of my favorite things: Encouraging, writing, art and vintage photos. They all combined into what I like to call The Encouragement Project.

So far, I've produced two (en)courage(ment) books. 

This one is a general encouragement book for everyone because we all need encouragement. Am I right?

This one is for new moms...or moms of littles. Moms probably need encouragement the most!

I have also written a middle-grade novel that I am currently in the process of querying. I love the creativity and work of writing a book, but querying makes me shrink like a wool sweater in the dryer. I am determined to do it, though. (Prayers appreciated!)

Two topics that I'm incredibly interested in writing about on this blog are motherhood and grandparenting. I love both so much, and now that I am a Nana, I am seeing mothering from a completely different angle, and it is amazing and enlightening. Stay tuned for posts about that.

I hope you enjoy what you find here.  Welcome!


I've been thinking a lot about creativity lately. About inspiration, style, perfection and the beauty of imperfection. I began a journey...