Wednesday, June 2, 2021

A Continuous Feast!

Proverbs 15:15

All the days of the oppressed are wretched, but the cheerful heart has a continuous feast. (NIV)


Our enemy (human and spiritual) would like nothing else than to keep us in a state of oppression—in fear—to keep the soundtrack of anxiety and anger repeating through our mind. 

Why? Because it makes our days wretched, evil, miserable—keeps us in bondage.

But wise King Solomon, who asked God for wisdom and received it in abundance, gives the answer to oppression: But a cheerful heart has a continuous feast.


But, I deserve what I’m due…an apology, things made right…I deserve to be angry!

Then you’re free to stay in the first part of the verse.


But a cheerful heart, 

A heart that chooses to ignore those who tell you, “You can’t,” or “You’re less than,” and a heart that rejects being lumped in with people who look like you, but aren’t you, THAT heart enjoys a continuous feast.


A heart that forgives when no one apologizes, a heart that rejects the lie that forgiveness is a pass—a heart that understands forgiveness heals the forgiver and heaps burning coals on the head of the oppressor, THAT heart is filled to overflowing.


A heart that rejects hate, even when hating feels justified—a heart that understands that hate in all of its forms is straight from the pit of hell, THAT heart is at peace.


A heart that builds, rather than tears down—that unifies, rather than divides, THAT heart is filled to overflowing with love.


A heart that rejects the world’s economy of getting what we deserve, and embraces God’s economy where wealth is found in emptying oneself for others, THAT heart will have more bounty than it can store.


It’s time for us to live in the second part of that verse. The first part is too burdensome to bear. We cannot change other people, but wise King Solomon knew that we can change our perspective, our attitude, ourselves. We can see others through the lens of God’s love, and reject the lens through which others choose to view us.


Enjoy the continuous feast, friends!

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