Monday, March 6, 2017

My Favorite Movie Line...(don't judge me.)

“What is your favorite line from a movie?”
 The prompt was given at a writing class I attended at the community college.  My favorite line came immediately to mind but I knew I couldn't write it.  It was dumb.  I thought some more, surely there was another line to choose...Nope, no other line came to mind so I wrote my essay. 
As luck, or rather, misfortune would have it, I was the last to share.  Everyone else in the class chose profound quotes from classic movies.  Their quotes had deep philosophical meaning, profound and influential.  The lines were serious--with political or moral significance.  
Mine was from a chick flick with little depth.
As each person shared, I wondered how to share my line without appearing goofy.  Then I began wondering how to get out of sharing at all.  I could say I drew a blank, except others had seen me writing feverishly during the exercise.   
It was my turn.  
I decided to own my favorite line and be proud.  Who cares what anyone else thinks?  And so I read:
"My favorite line from a movie is:  “Everyone is Tad Hamilton to someone.” 
A few of my classmates chuckled.  I continued:  "As my kids began dating and thinking about finding the one, we discovered the movie Win a date with Tad Hamilton.  In a light and breezy way, the assumption that only the most beautiful person wins the guy or girl is unequivocally blasted to rubble.
Our hero, Pete, is in love with the unassuming Rosalee who enters a contest and wins a date with a movie star, Tad Hamilton.  As a romance ensues, Pete tries desperately to win her heart, but the virile Tad has only to wink and cause hearts to melt like butter on a sweet roll.
When Rosalee seemingly chooses Tad forever, Pete seeks the advise of a barmaid who has always flirted with Pete, pining for his heart.  Hearing his plight and knowing without a doubt that Pete loves Rosalee, she confesses that Pete is her Tad Hamilton.  Pete is surprised and humbled.  
Then she says the line:  “Pete, everyone is Tad Hamilton to someone”.  Her words give him courage and he runs to Rosalee and declares his love but she rejects him and runs off with the movie star.  All hope seems lost, but as with all good stories, in the end, Rosalee realizes that the real Tad Hamilton is all buff and fluff.  She's loved Pete all along.  
The movie ends with a sappy dance in the rain, and the confirmation that sometimes the good guy does win the girl."
When I finished reading, I sensed understanding in my classmates.  It's a universal angst, after all, that feeling that we're not pretty enough, not good enough and then, hopefully, the realization that we are loved, we are enough and we are who we're meant to be...that we're all Tad Hamilton to someone.

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