Friday, January 14, 2022



The above photo is a collection of what I'm calling Connection Cards.

Connection has become exponentially important over the past two years. 

Face to face chats, pen to paper communication, or a good old fashioned phone call...that's connection.

Connection is life. Without it, we wither. 

About a year ago I left social media. 

Here's one of my biggest take-aways:

When I was on social media, and I'd see one of my "friends" out in the real world, we had little to talk about - we'd already shared our highlights online. We'd quickly exchange small talk and go about our day. "Gee it was good to see so-and-so," I'd think.

Now, we stop and share what's going on in our lives. We catch up. I really don't know how they are and what they've been up to - and I'm curious. I'm interested. I want to know! It's a real-time face-to-face "like" - much more satisfying than a number on a screen.

Curiosity is a big piece of connection. I feel like that's been lost over the past decade. We already know the highlights, so we don't ask anything, we've lost a lot of the skills of conversation and dare I say, how to be real-time interested in another's life. 

So, I present Connection Cards...available in my Etsy shop.

They're a place to start...write a little note to someone and brighten their day. Connect. 


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