The (en)courage(ment) Project


Who needs encouragement?

We all do! 

I've completed the first phase of a passion project. Here are the first two volumes of my (en)courage(ment) series--little books filled with encouragement. The first is for everyone, and the second is for moms. 

The common theme in both is the fact that giving encouragement is the key to being encouraged because it comes back to you tenfold. 

More little books are on the way in these themes:

For Those Who Weep

For Such a Time as This

For Women of a Certain Age

I have other ideas in mind, but these will keep me busy for a while! 

Get a book for yourself and an extra one to give away in my Etsy shop here.

They are sweet little volumes - reasonably priced (the cost of a greeting card) to allow you to bless those you love. For large groups, contact me via Etsy Convo for awesome quantity pricing.

My goal is to spread encouragement around. It's a passion project, not a money-maker.

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