Monday, June 26, 2023

The (en)courage(ment) Project - Book #3

I'm happy to announce the third installment of The (en)courage(ment) Project!

For those who weep.

My dad passed away in 2017. I've been navigating the journey of grief for over 5 years now. 

I didn't know what to expect from the grief journey. I'd never lost anyone so close to me. Every stage has been new and surprising. Thankfully, time really does ease the pain of loss ... but grief will always linger. It is the price of love.

One day, a few months after his passing, I found a book in an antique store: Little Talks for Those Who Weep. 

It was a comforting little volume filled with a pastor's thoughts and scripture. Nothing I didn't already know. Nothing new. Nothing particularly mind-blowing.

But it held reminders.

Gems from God's Word.

Encouragement to carry me through the rough patches.


It inspired me to create my own book of encouragement for those who weep...because not everyone can go on the hunt for a precious little antique book.

I hope my little book, filled with vintage photos, scripture, quotes, and my own thoughts about grief, will help you or someone you love navigate the journey. 

We can't skip over it.

We can't go around it.

We must go through it.

I've created a companion for those who weep.

May it be a blessing to your grieving heart.

A secret: Giving encouragement away fills the heart with joy ... easing the burden of grief. You can find this book in my Etsy shop ... you will receive two books for the price of one. Keep one and give the other away. 

Spread encouragement, reap joy!


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