Friday, September 2, 2016

The Process...

It’s a long process. 
Writing…rewriting…revising…revising again…etc.
I thought my manuscript was ready to be seen by agents.  I really, truly did.
I’m only done with my second draft.
I have three more to go.
I went to the writing conference with high hopes, but ten minutes into my first class—a class on writing fiction taught by a prolific author, I knew my manuscript was far from ready.
And I was okay with it.
I truly want it to be good enough.  I truly want it to be right.
So I sat in class and soaked up all of the information that I could—feverishly writing every little tidbit that fell on my ears.
I filled a notebook.
I learned a lot.
I’m making revisions now—major, manuscript-altering revisions.
I’m not talking tweaks.
And, wow, it’s so much better.
I’m filled with hope that I’m moving in the right direction.
The other good thing that came from the conference was confirmation.
Real live agents said that my story was good.  
That the writing was good. 
That my story had potential.
It just isn’t ready…yet. 
I can work with that.  I will work with that.  I’m happy to work with that!
I had a mentor meeting with another published author who was very encouraging.
“How will I know when it’s ready?” I asked.
“The first novel always takes the longest,” she replied.  “But it will be much easier to know when your second novel is ready.  The first one takes a long time.”
I can do this.
So I plug away, feeling energized by feedback and faith that someday my hard work will sit on my the form of a book. 

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