Monday, August 26, 2019

100-word Photo Story*

            “He’s smart and handsome, and he’s traveled the world,” Shirley promised.
            Mary wasn’t getting any younger. She was game for any date—blind or otherwise.
            She arrived at the grange hall at precisely six o’clock, dressed in her Sunday best.
            “Hello, Mary.” Her boss strolled in the door behind her. “Did you finish the filing before you left work?”
            “Yes, Mr. Dickson.” Ugh. Why is he here?
            Mary excused herself and escaped to the hallway. 
            Shirley appeared around the corner. “Mary, he’s here!” She pulled her by the arm and introduced her to her date—Mr. Dickson.
(97 words)

* I love old photos. Many of my stories are inspired by them. I invite you to write your own stories...and share them with me in the comments (100 words or less). You may use the caption or tell a completely different story! Have fun!

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