Saturday, July 2, 2016


I have a massive vintage photo collection.
By massive, I mean worrisome.  
I cannot resist a good vintage photo. 
I prefer black and white, but old hand-colored photos are irresistible.
Snapshots, photobooth and portraits gone wrong are my weakness.
People being who they are...showing their personality...being silly...caught with their guard down.

To be worthy, the photo must inspire one of the following reactions:
What's going on here?  
Who on earth? 
How can these two people be attracted to each other?  
(Odd couples are the best) 
AH hahahahaha!
OH my, that's so sad (in a funny way).

If I'm inspired, I buy it.  
I do have spending limits, but I've been known to pay a pretty penny if the photo is good enough.  
Don't tell my husband.

My photo collection has inspired many, many stories.  
I love to write what I think is happening in the photo...or maybe the story of how a couple met...or perhaps the story of how the photo transpired.  
Sometimes, the person in the photo inspires a character.  All of my writing group ladies (in my novel - The Grace Writers) were inspired by vintage photographs.  

What inspires you?

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