Thursday, June 9, 2016

Aligning Stars...

I'm writing my query letter and synopsis for my novel.
It's daunting.
These two elements are of utmost importance.
They will convince an agent to take a chance on me.

I've read a lot about query letters.
They have to be perfect, and by perfect I mean...PERFECT.
Your query letter will be read once by each agent you query...if you're lucky.
If something is off in the first few sentences, you're outta luck!
They're busy people...they shouldn't have to read anything but perfection.
And then there's the whole idea that the book will have to interest them.
Everyone is so different.
Different preferences.
Different idiosyncrasies.
Different pet-peeves.
My query, my book, has to align with all of those stars...with the right agent...a caffeinated, well-rested, well-fed agent with the door locked and the phone off the hook!
Then maybe, and only maybe, I will find representation to sell my book.

Sounds daunting.
No, sounds impossible.
I was expressing my angst to my writing group yesterday.
And then I heard a whisper.
"But I am in the business of aligning stars, ask me to help."
But of course.
Why do I need to be reminded?  Why?
Because I do.
God is patient and merciful and gracious.
So I will pray, earnestly, that all of the stars will align.
I will do the hard work I need to do...
I will sweat over my query and synopsis.
I will re-write and revise.
I will put my best in all of my writing and trust that it will be enough.
And I will do the hard work of seeking representation...
Of querying over and over...
And filling a file folder with rejections...
it happens...
Lord, may my manuscript be found to be good enough.

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