Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Where I Find Inspiration...

I'm still revising my novel while I drag my feet in the search for an agent.
And in the midst of rewriting a few scenes, I thought I'd share where I find my inspiration.

We were on a little trip on the Oregon coast when I saw this sign. I LOVE the name. I made my husband turn around so I could take this photo (I wasn't even writing a novel at that time). 
Stuff and Things is the name of a thrift shop in my novel...borrowed from this little boarded-up shop.
I find inspiration all around me and when I know it's gold, I snap a photo. But I have to pay attention--constantly scanning my surroundings for a nugget of inspiration.

People are endless sources of inspiration.
  • My best friend is in my novel - although I changed her name to protect her my main character's best friend. 
  • A woman I met at a church we visited several years ago is in my novel. She was a busybody in the nicest, funniest way. I wrote a scene where my character is accosted by her charm in the exact same way I was accosted when we visited that church.
  • An older "church lady" from my youth is in my novel. I'm pretty sure she's not living any I changed her name. Everyone knows one of those ladies, though.
  • The setting for my novel is a combination of two small towns, Goldendale, Washington and Glenville, Georgia. I loved small town life. 
  • YOU might be in my novel in some way. I'm a people watcher. Quirks and idiosyncrasies are so interesting and attractive. I love subtle mannerisms and outright insecurities and bold personalities. People are a treasure trove of writing inspiration.
Life experience is also a source of inspiration. The death of a loved one, a misunderstanding with a friend, a big move or an empty nest. Feeling judged, being disappointed or left out--all things relational or having to do with the passage of time. Life is inspiration.

God's faithfulness is inspiring to me. How He gently cares for me and provides all that I need. The surprising joy and the peace that can only be from Him. The kindness of God. And grace...the grace of God is always an inspiration. How can I show that grace in story form? It's a challenge I accept every time I sit down with my laptop. I want to write God's grace in every letter I type.

What inspires you? 

Leave a comment and let me know! 

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