Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This Christmas we will remember last Christmas.
Last Christmas, my dad made us all laugh so hard we cried.
We always have a gift exchange.
Every gift last year had to start with the letter F...yes, F.
You're probably asking yourself, what was the most popular F gift?
Fanny packs.
There were four of them.
They were the hit of the exchange.
Christmas 2016 - The year of the Fanny Pack.
So my dad ended up with a Reagan/Bush fanny pack - he loved it. One of the other gifts was fake donuts.
The fanny pack recipients all wanted to pose together and they decided to put the donuts on their fingers for fun.
My dad stuck his middle finger through the donut and held it up.
His middle finger.
It was completely inappropriate but he didn't realize it.
And there he was, an 82-year-old man wearing a Reagan/Bush fanny pack holding up his middle finger to the camera.
Before snapping the shot I asked, "Dad, is that the finger you want to hold up for the photo?"
And then he realized what he was doing and the whole place busted up with laughter.
None of us could stop laughing, least of all him.
It was hilarious.
He looks like he's sneezing but he's not, he's laughing so hard he can't stop.

A photo of my dad with a proper finger through the hole of a donut.
Maybe you had to be there.
But we were all there and we will remember it this Christmas and we will all laugh in spite of missing him so desperately.

Christmas will go on. This year our gift exchange letter is H.
I Hope Hilarity ensues...because I know my Hilarious dad will be laughing right along with us in Heaven.

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