Friday, September 22, 2017

A Cup of Love...

This is what I shared at my dad's memorial...

          In preparing to share today, I pondered all of the wonderful things I could say about my dad. He was so gifted in so many ways and so generous in sharing those gifts with others. My dad was humble, though, and this time of sharing would probably embarrass him. So today I thought I’d honor him by sharing a simple little story from my childhood.
            As you probably know, my dad was a master woodworker. But what you may not know is that my dad was also a sculptor. His medium of choice? Foil. He could turn a sheet foil into many things but most often he sculpted the form of a goblet. Usually the sculptures were admired for a moment and eventually smashed with glee and thrown in the trash but this one was saved.
            Like my dad, I’ve always been an early riser. In my middle and high school years, I had breakfast with him most mornings before we left for work and school. When I was maybe thirteen years old, my dad fashioned this goblet as his bread toasted one morning. When I came into the kitchen for breakfast, he held the goblet out to me and said, “This is my cup of love overflowing for you.” 
          At that time, I was perhaps the most shy, awkward, pimple-faced teenager on the planet. I didn’t feel nor look very loveable. I hugged him, told him I loved him too, and took the cup. The timing of that gift and the fact that it was filled with his love kept me from smashing it and throwing it away. It was a simple gesture—I knew he loved me—but to have this symbol, at that awkward time in my life meant the world to me. I put it on my dresser and saved it. When I got married and moved away, the foil goblet went with me. Over the years, I have carefully moved it from town to town, stuffed into a trunk or drawer—I could never part with it. I’m so thankful I still have it today.
            My dad accepted a gift of love as well—the gift of forgiveness. Because he accepted Christ as his Savior, that love spilled over to those who knew him.
            Maybe today, as you remember my dad, the grace offered by a loving God is resonating with you. You may not have been handed a sparkling foil cup, but we’ve all been offered an overflowing cup of love from God.
             Thank you for being with us today and honoring my dad. He was a man who loved people well. He loved our mom and accepted our spouses as his own children. Many of our childhood friends still call him dad. He loved his grandchildren fiercely and blessed their lives in countless ways. Many of their friends call him grandpa. I’m so thankful that God chose such a man to be my father.

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