Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Crown of Glory?

A crown of glory?
A righteous life?

I went to my second hair appointment in my quest for "au natural".
My hairstylist said, (and I quote), "You will be mostly blonde when you leave here today."
I choked on my own spit.
"Excuse me?"
"Well you want to go gray and you're 98% gray on top of your head."
My inner dialogue uttered words I won't type here...

Here's the thing...
I need to change my attitude.
I associate gray hair with age when, in reality, the two are not necessarily related.
Let's be honest...
If I had never dyed my hair, it would have been "old lady gray" fifteen years ago, when I was FAR from old.
I would have been salt and pepper for most of the past 20 years.
But I did dye my hair...
And now my leap into reality is taking me straight to white.
I'm bypassing gray altogether.

I'm a Pollyanna by nature so let's examine the bright side...
It's an adventure.
It's a leap out of my comfort zone, and it's proving not to be completely uncomfortable (who knew?).
It's a shock (translate: I gasp every time I pass a mirror and realize it's me).
It's a mid-life-crisis-sized change in my appearance, without the crisis!
I get to be blondish for a short time...and from what I hear, that might be fun!

And add to those positive things, Proverbs 16:31.
Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.
What a nice encouragement...a crown of glory.
The righteous life part still has me scratching my glorious head of graying hair.
I'm far from righteous and I know there are lots of unrighteous gray heads in this world.
As I did some research, though, some commentaries explain that gray hair is counted as gain in a righteous life and is accursed by a wicked man living a long sinful life.
As the gray (white) hair takes over my head, I pray I will live up to the glorious blessing.
I'm thankful that God addressed the "issue" in His Word.
He is so good...

Would any over-dyed ladies like to join me in waving the white flag?
The water's fine...


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