Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Big announcement! 
Coming soon!
A free download for you.
You read that right!
Because I love you and want to encourage you and your kids (or kids you love) to write, I'm giving away a 30-day challenge.
It's not a strict, guilt-ridden challenge.
It's fun!
Write for 30 days using the prompts or your prompt variation (see, so flexible and easy).
Check off the days on the provided chart.
Don't worry; you don't have to write for 30 consecutive days, but I encourage you to set a goal. 
Do your best to meet the time frame of your goal.
See what happens when you write for 30 days!
Will you start a new novel?
Will you discover a new love of writing fiction/non-fiction/memoir?
Will you un-stick your stuck work-in-progress?
Will you simply have fun?
Stay tuned - the give-away will begin in the next couple of weeks!

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